Remove a position from all services on an open schedule


If you need to reduce the number of unfilled positions in a particular service for an entire schedule, you can do the following:

  1. Select the service and click "Edit Service...". 
  2. In the "Positions left to fill" area reduce the number of needed positions. 
  3. When you click OK, a box will appear that says "Would you like to apply your changes to all [number of services on this schedule] instances of this service time in this schedule or just this instance?" 
  4. Click "All Instances".
  5. If you need to reduce this number for any other service times, repeat for that service time.


Please note: This method will mean that the number of UNFILLED positions for each of these services is the same, not the TOTAL number of positions on each service. If you have any volunteers filled in on the schedule before you do this, that can result in an uneven number of total positions on each week.

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