How are MSP and VSP different?


Ministry Scheduler Pro (MSP) and Volunteer Scheduler Pro (VSP) function very similarly, but have some distinct differences that are important to identify if you are deciding between the two.

Major Differences:


MSP is built for churches and the verbiage of the program reflects that focus, using terminology like “Service Times” and “Ministries.” VSP uses secular language like “Shifts” and “Jobs.”

Tracking Hours vs. Services

MSP is designed to schedule services, which do not have set end times within the program. VSP, on the other hand, has shifts with start and end times, allowing you to track volunteer hours, so you can run reports to share with grants, donors, or volunteers themselves.

Repeating Services/Shifts

MSP is built to handle weekly, monthly, and/or yearly repeating services. VSP can also handle repeating daily shifts, which are very popular with users scheduling special events, adoration, café workers, and office helpers.

Service Planner

MSP’s Service Planner enables admins to enter and upload personalized content for services that volunteers can reference when serving. Catholic users can also have the USCCB readings and audio guides automatically attached to their services! VSP allows admins to post notes to specific shifts, but does not have a service planner or the ability to attach resources.

Pricing Structure

Licensing/Subscription prices are based on number of volunteers in the program and which edition of MSP or VSP you choose.              

MSP users pay a one-time licensing fee that covers them for their first 6 months and they have a money-back guarantee during that time. After those 6 months are up, then they start paying a monthly maintenance fee. Monthly maintenance fees are billed annually and users do not have the ability to pay for only a portion of a year.

VSP just has a monthly subscription fee that can be paid in 6, 9, or 12-month chunks. If you do not need VSP for certain months in the year, you can let your contract expire and renew later without paying for down time. Also, in VSP, volunteers who have been inactive in the program for 90 days (dormant volunteers) do not count toward the number of volunteers you are paying for in your subscription.

While MSP does appear to have more costs up-front, it tends to be less expensive in the long run.


There are other minor differences between the two programs, but these are the major categories that influence most of our users' decisions. For more information on whether MSP or VSP is right for you, please call us at 888-622-0949 to speak with a member of our team. 

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