Create ministry folders to stay organized


Stay organized and target groups of volunteers with ministry folders. Folders keep your Ministries pane organized by allowing you to group ministries into categories. With folders, you can easily send an email, create a roster, or post a schedule online for a whole folder at a time, instead of choosing each ministry individually. Folders also make it easier for volunteers to see just the information that's most relevant to them.

  1. Go to the Ministries pane of MSP.
  2. Click the "New Folder..." button and name your folder.
  3. Make sure the folder is selected and click "New Ministry..." to add a new ministry to that folder.
  4. For existing ministries, drag the ministries you want to add to the folder underneath the folder heading. You'll know a ministry is in a folder when it is indented below the folder name.


Note: Ministry folders are available in the Plus Edition of Ministry Scheduler Pro. If you'd like to upgrade your license to the Plus Edition, you can log in to your account.

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