Easily change the number of volunteers or ministries needed on an existing schedule


If you add a new ministry or if the number of volunteers needed for a ministry changes midway through a scheduling cycle, you can make the change and update all future services. This makes adjusting to seasonal changes in scheduling quick and easy.

  1. Open the existing schedule inside of MSP.
  2. Click on the first date and service time where a change needs to be made, and click the "Edit Service..." button to edit this service. (This can also be done in the Service Times pane, as long as the schedule is open!)
  3. Make any required changes to the service time, such as adding open positions in a new ministry or changing the number of remaining positions in an existing ministry, and click OK.
  4. In the dialog that pops-up, you can choose to apply the change to "All instances" - you can further choose to apply to all instances in just this schedule, or all instances including the Service Times pane, which would affect future schedules as well.
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