How do I install MSP on a new computer?


MSP includes an automatic data sharing feature that allows you to use MSP on multiple computers, even in different locations, and share data between the computers.

To install MSP to any additional computers, check out our video tutorial on Installing MSP or follow these steps to download and install:

  1. Go to the MSP download page and click the "Download" button for either Mac or Windows
  2. After the program downloads, click on the file, and choose "Run" if prompted
  3. Follow the install screens until you get to the end and MSP opens
  4. Once installed, MSP will require your Activation Code and administrator password. When asked, enter your Activation code and select "Continue." 

If you do not have the code or password, go to the MSP License Login page and click the "Forgot code or password?" link and enter the email of the primary account holder. (Only the primary account holder can use this function.)

Subscriptions to MSP support 4 administrator installations, and if needed, more can be purchased by going to MSP's License Login page and next to where it says "Maximum Computers:" click the "Expand" button.

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