A volunteer says they are not getting emails from MSP. How can I check this?


The first thing you want to do is make sure that volunteer is set to get emails from the system. Go to the Volunteers pane, select the volunteer, and click "Edit Volunteer...".

  1. Make sure the box that says "This volunteer has internet access" is checked.
  2. Next to their email address, you will see a down arrow. Click on this arrow and make sure "Send automatic email reminders" and "Send swap request emails" are both checked. 
  3. Check to make sure their email address is spelled correctly.

If all of those settings were done properly and the administrative "From" address is not getting any bounce-back messages, you know that the volunteer is getting email from you, and it is likely going to their Spam folder. To check this, though, you can send them an individual email from the Announcements pane.

  1. Go to the Announcements pane and hit the "x" button next to "All volunteers", then begin typing the volunteer's name and select it from the list of names that will appear when you begin typing.
  2. Compose a message to this volunteer. You probably want it to look something like this: 

Dear {{FirstName}},
You mentioned that you have not been receiving emails from MSP and I want to make sure they are getting to you. Please reply to this email when you get it.
Thank you! 

At this point if the volunteer is still not seeing the message and you are not getting bounce-backs, we know for sure the messages have been sent to them, so they need to check their spam folder very carefully. 

Once they do find the message, they can Google how to make sure further messages sent by you through MSP are not marked as spam. Usually it is as easy as moving the email into their inbox. 

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