Using the Distribution Report to remove a position for volunteers to maintain balance


1. Open the schedule you are making and click on Reports - View Ministry Distribution...

2. Pick a volunteer who has too many assignments and select their name so it is highlighted.

3. Hold the control key while double-clicking their name. This will take you to one of their assignments in the open schedule. If you would like to pick a different date they are scheduled, you will see their other scheduled dates in orange on the calendar. Just click on one of those dates and you can choose to make a change there, instead.

4. Now, on the right (under "Commence Scheduling..."), you will see a list of volunteers who can fill this position. Make sure the checkbox is selected for "Sort by load:". This will allow you to see information for volunteers in the pane on the right so you know how often they are scheduled in this ministry and overall in the schedule you are working on. You can also see when each volunteer is scheduled by clicking on their name and looking at the dates on the calendar highlighted in green.

5. To swap the over-scheduled volunteer for a new one, simply double-click the name of the volunteer in the pane on the left. Now they will appear in the schedule instead of the original volunteer.

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