How can I help a volunteer who is having trouble logging in to the Web Terminal?


While it might be startling to hear password questions from volunteers, rest assured that we have thoroughly tested our volunteer password flow and chances are there’s a simple solution to your volunteer’s troubles. In this day and age where everyone has so many passwords and settings in their browsers, it can be challenging for even the most tech savvy people to keep their credentials straight. Here are some steps to troubleshoot their issues:

The first step to solving this would be to make sure they are manually entering in their username and password each time they log in to make sure that the information is not being auto-filled incorrectly.

Next, you will want to try to "Login As" the volunteer using the button in the Web Terminal pane of the program.

If you are able to log in as the volunteers, you will want to have then reset their password using the steps in this article, and then try logging in again by typing their username and password (again, make sure it isn't being auto-filled).

In the absolute worst-case scenario, if a volunteer is still having issues, you can log in as the volunteer and go to the My Profile tab to change their password for them. Have them log in using that temporary password and immediately reset it to one they will be able to remember.

If you do notice that volunteers are having issues with a specific browser, please let us know so we can look into it.

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