Accommodate specific schedule requests for future schedules prior to generating a schedule skeleton


When a volunteer requests to be scheduled on a specific date or at a specific service in the future, you can now set this up right when the request is made using preassignments, without having to generate a schedule skeleton. By inputting the request prior to running the schedule skeleton, you give yourself more time to make adjustments to service times and ministry requirements before starting the next schedule.

  1. Go to the Preassignments pane in MSP and click the "New Preassignment..." button.
  2. Select the name of the volunteer and set up the position and service at which they wish to be scheduled.
  3. If it will just be one day, you can leave the settings as "Every week" and "Every month of the year" and then check the "Starting" and "Ending" date boxes and enter the same date in both boxes. This will ensure the volunteer is only scheduled in the position on this one date.

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