Exporting a list of your preassignments


You can easily view and track your volunteers' preassignments by exporting them to MS Excel or another spreadsheet program. This makes it easier to view which volunteers are set up on a fixed rotating pattern.

  1. Start in the Preassignments pane in an MSP installation or in the Admin view of the Web Terminal.
  2. You can adjust the order of the preassignments by clicking the column headings. (e.g. you can click the heading "In Ministry" to sort the preassignments by ministry). The exported information will appear in the same order as it is listed in the Preassignments pane.
  3. Click the "Export..." button in the upper right side of the window to export this list to a .csv file which can be opened with MS Excel or another spreadsheet program.

Web Terminal:


MSP Installation:


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