How do I set up Admins and Leaders?


If you are unsure about the difference between Installation Admins, Web Admins, and Leaders, check out this article

For Installation Admins: 

Installation Admins need to download the program onto their computer. Download MSP here. Use your church's activation code and password to sign into the program once downloaded.

For Web Admins* and Leaders*: 

Web Admins and Leaders access all their privileges through the Web Terminal, accessed through any internet browser or the MSP app!

To assign Web Admins and Leaders and give them leadership abilities in the Web Terminal: 

  1. Go to the Web Terminal pane on the left side of MSP
  2. Click the "Web Terminal settings..." button 
  3. Go to the Administrators section in the dialog that appears. 
  4. From this section, you will be able to click the "New Web Admin..." or "New Leader..." button 
  5. Choose the appropriate volunteer
  6. If creating a new Leader, then assign the Leaders to the appropriate ministries, services, and responsibilities.

*For licenses purchased after December 2015, Leaders are only available in the Plus Edition of MSP.

Emailing Web Admins and Leaders their login information

Once you have set up your Web Admins and Leaders, you can send them an introductory email using the Announcements pane. 

  1. Go to the Announcements pane on the left side of the program
  2. Click on the "+" button at the top of the page and choose "Templates - Preconfigured”
  3. Select "Intro Email: Leaders" 

This will load an email that is meant to introduce Leaders to MSP. It includes a link to the Web Terminal, their username and password, and a link to a video tutorial meant to familiarize Leaders with the software. You can customize this email as much as you wish - the template is just meant to be a jumping off point for you!

You can also adjust the "To" field at the top of the page to send to only Leaders, by selecting the "But only volunteers who pass | this filter..." box. Then, in the window that appears, click "Admin access". In the box that appears on the right, it should say "Are Web Admin or Leader". Click "OK" and then you can go ahead and send your email to get your Web Admins and Leaders on board.

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