What does "Copy Link to Last" do?


The key concept here is to understand what the program means by "last".  "Last" is defined as the last "live schedule post" in the list of Live Schedule Posts in the Web Terminal Pane's Full Schedules Tab.  You can rearrange the order of "live schedule posts" by clicking on them and dragging them with your mouse.

This means that you can change the content of your church's website without ever leaving the comfort of MSP! 

To change which schedule is currently shown on your church's website:

  • Use "link to last" feature by selecting a schedule in the Live Schedule Posts list and clicking "View". Then select "Copy Link to Last". 
  • Make sure the current "live schedule post" is listed LAST in the list of Live Schedule Posts.  
  • If you already have another live schedule that covers future dates, make sure the future "live schedule post" is listed second to last. (i.e. it should appear above the current "live schedule post"). 
  • After the last day of the current schedule, drag the future "live schedule post" to the bottom of the Live Schedule Post list. 

Following the steps above enables you to create a future "live schedule post" weeks in advance, yet still point to the current schedule on your website.  And best of all, when volunteers login to the Web Terminal, the will still be able to see their assignments relating to the future schedule.


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