Question: removing volunteers, but not their assignments


In asking for Can't Serve Dates for next quarter there are some ministers who are stating they wish to be removed from the ministry after this quarter is completed. Some of them are scheduled to serve on June 9th the last day of the quarter. However, I will be issuing the new quarterly schedule before that so the ministers can mark their calendars, etc.

When I remove them from the system now, it also removes them from the current quarter and leaves vacancies in the present schedule. I have to remove them before I issue the new quarterly schedule so that they do not get assigned to the new quarter.


What I would recommend in this situation is to flag the volunteers as inactive. That way their current schedules are left intact and MSP will not use them for future schedules. To flag a volunteer as inactive, edit their profile from the Volunteers pane and check the "Make this volunteer inactive for now" box in the lower right. This will prevent them from being scheduled or receiving emails, but will leave their existing assignments on the schedule and allow them to login.

You can optionally put a note in the "Comments" section to remind yourself of what day it is safe to remove them from the software, if you want to delete them later.


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    My situation is a little different. I have completed scheduling for March-April but my schedule is not yet live. I have received a list of volunteers who have not completed the Safe Environment Process and therefore cannot serve. When I mark them Inactive I would like them to be unscheduled from a NOT Live schedule. Leave them scheduled if the schedule is Live.

    Is it possible to filter who gets scheduled based on a Custom Field? Ex: Do not schedule if the Completed Safe environment Process field is not checked?

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