Liturgy Plan for Weekends ONLY


When creating a liturgy plan, is there a way to ensure that all weekend liturgies share the same plan (added readings, etc) but NOT the weekdays? 


In the context of "related services" MSP looks for all services with the same description/name in a week-period. So, if you go to the Service Times pane and edit your weekday services, you can add "weekday" or some other identifier to the name and that will unlink those from the "related" for the weekends.

Also, if you give all weekday services the same name identifier, then you can attach resources and bind them to just related services in the week which would equal just the other weekday liturgies!

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    Hans Ruygt

    After adding the description "weekend" in the Service Times pane, you must also go into the actual live schedule and manually add the same description to each of the desired services on the live schedule. Otherwise the related services widget does not work. Also, in the process of making these changes, the system will erase all of the notes that had previously been added to the "edit plan" and you will have to enter them again.

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    Mikki Manfredonia

    Thanks, Hans! Your additions are correct in the event you wish to make these changes for a current Live schedule. However for future schedules, after having edited the Service Times pane, the descriptions will be set.

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    Hans Ruygt

    That's great. Thank you for clearing up the mystery.

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