Printing the roster from the Web Terminal


When a volunteer is logged in to the web terminal, on the roster tab, he is able to view the entire roster, starting with eucharistic ministers and ending with sacristans. However, when he tries to print the roster, all he gets is 3 pages. Page 1 has some headings, page 2 has the 1st page of the eucharistic minister list and page 3 has some general Rotunda software information. I logged in as this volunteer and I am getting the same results.


This problem is related to the web browsers and the way different web browsers print information. When viewing the roster on the Web Terminal it is in a "frame" and not all browsers will print the frame the same way or correctly. From the roster itself, you can right-click and look for an option related to "this frame" such as, "Open this frame in a new window" - when the frame is opened in its own window the browser should print the entire roster as desired.

Another option would be to generate the roster from the Rosterizer in MSP and use the "Document Settings" sections to specify this roster be a Word document, and then send the document as an attachment to the volunteer via the Emailer.


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