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Is there any way to schedule an "ad hoc" service and request volunteers? For example, when we have a funeral and are in need of ushers, is there any way to schedule the service and then have MSP send out an email to all ushers asking them to volunteer for this service?


You can definitely build services as needed and email volunteers.

  1. Open the live schedule for the time period the event falls on.
  2. Click on the date when you need this service and use the "New Service" button to build a service just on that one day.

When done, go to the Emailer pane in MSP. The token you will want to use in this scenario is the Unfilled Positions token.

  1. Click in the body of the email where you want the list of open positions to appear.
  2. Cick the "Token" menu above that text box, drop down to the Available Positions section and choose the UnfilledPositions token.
  3. Make sure you click the "Preview" button at the top to control what information this token conveys, by limiting the date to cover just the day where you have the new service. You can also check the option that says "Completely exclude volunteers from this email for which there are no unfilled positions that match the given criteria" and this will act as the email filter for you, so at the top you can choose the "Send to all" option to make it easy.
  4. Once you OK the token options you can click on the name of a volunteer to make sure the email looks good before sending.


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