Private Rosters for Leaders


You can easily set up a custom token to display the roster to only people who pass a specific filter, such as only a roster your Leaders* can see. To set this up, follow these steps:

  1. First, create the roster that you want to display to the Leaders. If you haven't yet, go to the Web Terminal pane in the MSP desktop software and click on the Rosters tab. Then click "New..." button on the right and create your desired roster. If you're doing a separate one for each ministry, create them all at this time.
  2. Go to the Web Terminal pane in MSP, then click on the My Schedule tab. From here, we can click the "Token options..." button in the upper left corner. 
  3. In the Token Options window, uncheck "Show only tokens included in the content of this tab":
  4. Click on Custom Tokens from the list on the left.
  5. Click the "New..." button here and name your token (something like LRosterView or LeaderRoster).
  6. In the text box that appears below, click the "Token" menu (next to "Color"), mouse over the "Live Roster Post Links" section, and choose the corresponding Live Roster Post/s you created. The token outlined below reads "LiveRosterPostList", but your token will be named "LiveRosterPost:[your roster's name here]":
    Check the box that says "Only show this token to volunteers passing | this filter..." to tell the program who you want to allow to see the roster. 
  7. If you want to make the roster private to a particular leader, you can click the "Name contains:" option on the left and enter the leader's name. Otherwise, click the "Build a Web Terminal related filter..." option on the right: 
  8. Set this filter to "Are leaders".

    Click OK to set the custom filter and exit the token window.
  9. Now, go back to the Rosters tab of the Web Terminal pane. Make sure to delete the "LiveRosterPostList" token from this tab. If you have other rosters that you want to allow everyone to see, add their tokens separately to the text box. (These tokens will be located by clicking the "Token" menu in this tab and mousing over "Live Roster Post Links".)
  10. Add the custom token you created as well, and click Commit Changes.mceclip0.png

NOTE: you can also add your custom token to the Home tab, so Leaders can see links for their rosters right from the Home tab.

*For licenses purchased after December 2015, Leaders are only available in the Plus Edition of MSP.

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