Is it possible to have two Live schedules at one time?


Yes, but there can only ever be one Live schedule that covers a given date range. This means that all of your ministries will need to be on the same schedule file inside of MSP. However, you can certainly run the auto-scheduler separately for the different ministries, and it is very easy to print and post online separate schedules for the two groups of ministries.

To schedule both ministries separately:

  1. Generate your schedule skeleton normally, with the services that require both ministries included. 
  2. Click "Commence Scheduling..."
  3. Choose the second option, "All empty positions in just particular ministries..."
  4. Choose the ministry you want to auto-schedule
  5. Click Commence Scheduling
  6. Repeat that process for the second set of ministries

This will run the auto-scheduler twice, once for each set of ministries. 

To print or post separate viewing schedules on the Web Terminal:

  1. Once your schedule is ready to be shared with your volunteers, go to the File menu
  2. Select "Export Schedule..." to save the schedule in MS Word or Excel format OR, if you are posting the schedule to the Web Terminal, make sure the schedule is saved as Live and open, and then click on the "New..." button in the Full Schedules tab of the Web Terminal
  3. In the dialog box that appears, click on the "Included Ministries" heading
  4. Specify which ministries to include 
  5. Click either Export Schedule or Save Live Schedule Post
  6. Once the schedule is exported or posted on the Web Terminal, repeat steps (3) and (4) but this time changing the "Included Ministries" section to export a schedule for the second set of ministries 
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