How do I list volunteers by Mass in a roster?


One of our lector volunteers had this suggestion: to provide to volunteers (especially new ones) a list of volunteers in each ministry organized by Mass preference. You can easily create a roster for each ministry that lists volunteers by their first service preference. To create printed rosters like this:

1. Go to the Rosterizer pane in MSP
2. In Included Ministries choose your first ministry
3. In Included Volunteers leave the first option selected to "Include all volunteers"
4. In Included Fields move the fields you wish to include on the roster from the "Available fields" column to the "Fields to include" column
5. In List Arrangement select the first option to "Group volunteers from each ministry into separate lists" and then check the box that says "Subdivide list(s) by first service preference"
6. Click "Generate Roster" and choose a name for the roster
7. Repeat for other ministries


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