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I have some family members that don't want to be split up. The problem is when they are assigned to a position where I only need one per mass, but because the people can't be split up the system adjusts the position to reflect 2 instead of just 1. How can I fix this?


What you could do is go in to the Family Groupings profile for that family, check the "Never schedule this family without all of its members." Then in the Ministry pane, uncheck the option in that ministry for never splitting up family members within the ministry. This way the family members will be kept together regardless of the ministries they are in, and the ministry that should not be overloaded will not be.

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    I have two families each with three altar servers and there are only two altar server positions at each Mass. MSP automatically adds the third position in order to schedule the whole family.

    I followed Mikki's suggestion and I created a new skeleton schedule (twice). Now none of the family is scheduled, not even a family member in a different ministry.

    So i did an undo of Mikki's suggention. Now I went into the Family Groupings and checked "Allow members of this family to be split in ministries for which families are flagged to be always be scheduled together". Now MSP does not add a third position and as expected the three altar servers are split so that only two are scheduled for a given Mass.

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