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I am working on our first attempt to actually generate a schedule. For some reason the auto-scheduler does not assign any of our volunteers at all. I'm sure it is something with my setup but I have not been able to identify my error. 


Start at the Scheduler pane inside of MSP located on the left side of the program window. Select the start and end date for the schedule you are trying to generate and click the "Generate Schedule Skeleton" button. This will open a new window with calendars on the left. If you click on a date, the positions at this point are all empty - this is referred to as the schedule skeleton, since it is the outline, or bare-bones of your schedule. At this part of the scheduling process you can add or modify services as necessary for the particular time frame, or manually place volunteers at particular positions if there are any requests or this is needed.

Then, to get MSP to populate the schedule, click the "Commence Scheduling" button in the upper-right hand corner. In the pop-up that appears, select the first option to fill all empty remaining positions and then click the "Commence Scheduling" button here. The program will then fill in your dates for you. Any dates that appear in red indicate a day on which MSP was not able to fill one or more positions. Click on these red dates to see those open positions, and click on the red position itself to use the column on the right to find the suitable person for the role. The program leaves positions open when it is unable to find anyone available for the position. 

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