Options to schedule Families together


I am trying to create a grouping for a family whose members are in different ministries but who want to be scheduled at the same service together.

Does the second box in the Family Edit box pertain to this? I am not clear if a check means the family members can be split up only at the same service (which would be okay), or among multiple services (which would not).


The second box in the family groupings pane refers to a scenario where two members are in the same ministry - for example, Server - and in the Server ministry (edit ministry dialog) the option in the ministry is checked to "Never split up family members in this ministry." This would mean those two family members would always be Server's together. Now if you checked the second option in the Family Groupings profile, then those two family members who are Server's would be exempt from the rule in the Ministry. 

For this case, it sounds like you will want to put them all in a family and check the first option to "Never schedule this family without all of its members" and that way they will all be at the same service in their respective ministries.


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