Why can't my volunteer's see their services to request sub's online?


It may be your volunteers are not seeing their scheduled services on the My Schedule tab due to the settings of the token which is what controls the data the volunteers see there.

From inside of MSP, click on the Web Terminal pane and then the My Schedule tab. In the lower half of this tab in the text area, you will see the {{ScheduledServices}} token - this token is what displays the positions a volunteer is signed up for on this tab. To manage the settings for this token, click on the "Token Options" button at the top of this tab.

In the new window that opens, locate the Scheduled Services options. Make sure this is set to "Show all services from today forward" as this will ensure the token is always automatically updating with data from new Live Schedule posts. Click OK in this window then the "Commit Changes" button, and volunteers will then be able to see their scheduled services and request sub's from the My Schedule tab.

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