What is the service plan view?


The service plan view is a close-up view of a particular service or liturgy that shows all of the volunteers scheduled at the service, as well as any information or resources you add to it. You can also post notes for your volunteers, and your volunteers can leave comments or ask questions on the service’s page.

Your volunteers can access the service plan through the Web Terminal by clicking on Full Schedules and then clicking on the specific date and time of the service which should appear underlined and blue. 

As the administrator of MSP, you can upload resources like readings, lyrics, chord sheets and other relevant files your volunteers will need for the service. From the open schedule, select a service and then click "Edit plan...". This will open a pop-up window that will allow you to edit the service plan for that service. 



Ministry Leaders* are also able to upload these items for their qualified services through the Admin tab of the Web Terminal. 

*For licenses purchased after December 2015, Ministry Leaders are only available in the Plus Edition of MSP.

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