How can I keep particular ministry assignments private when looking at service views?


If you prefer to hide assignments made in particular ministries within the service view, you can indicate that certain ministries are private inside of MSP.  This is particularly helpful when scheduling pastors and clergy. Volunteers viewing the service will not see these assignments in the service view. Only volunteers who belong to the ministry marked as “private” will see these assignments. You can also keep any notes designated for the ministry private.

To indicate that a ministry is private, go to the Ministries pane in either the desktop software, or in the Admin view of the Web Terminal if you have made yourself a Web Admin. Choose to edit that ministry  by clicking "Edit Ministry..." in the desktop software, or by clicking on the pencil icon in the Admin view of the Web Terminal. Select the “Keep assignments in this ministry private” option on the right side of the window.


Note: Volunteers in these ministries will still see the assignments in their My Schedule tabs online and in service views. When exporting schedules, you will have the option to include these ministries, in the event you do want a printed copy with all ministries included. When creating Live Schedule Posts, you will need to choose to exclude the private ministry in the Included Ministries section to keep it hidden from volunteers outside of that ministry. If the ministry is not set up to be excluded, you will get a warning message asking you to confirm whether you want this ministry included in the Live Schedule Post.

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