How do I get the auto-scheduler to use volunteers' weekly service preferences when scheduling special services?


The auto-scheduler is able to schedule volunteers at their preferred times because it creates a connection between the services on the schedule and the service preferences in volunteers' profiles. You can manually adjust how the auto-scheduler will fill a particular service from the skeleton schedule, and this way it is possible to specify that any service - including special or one time only services - be filled according to the rules for any of your services that appear in the Service Times pane in MSP.

To adjust how the auto-scheduler will fill a particular service:

  1. From an open schedule or skeleton, click on the date that the service occurs on.
  2. Select the service and click the "Edit Service..." button.
  3. In the Edit Service dialog, there is a section labeled, "Treat as:". Click on the drop-down menu and you can select which preference the auto-scheduler should be treating this schedule as. This way the program will fill in this service with volunteers who have the service listed as one of their preferences.                                               
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