How do I allow volunteers to choose to be auto-scheduled for particular special services?


By default, the auto-scheduler uses any of your volunteers to fill positions in any special service. However, you can limit the volunteers that are scheduled for your special services to just particular volunteers (i.e. just those volunteers that have the special services listed as preferences). The setting that controls this behavior is found in the Scheduler Settings dialog. To get to this dialog:

  1. Open any schedule or skeleton.
  2. Click on the Schedule menu at the top of the window and select "Scheduler Settings...".
  3. The settings for the special services are at the bottom of this window. By default, the "Schedule any volunteer for any special service (regardless of his or her service preferences)" option is selected. To specify that only particular volunteers are scheduled for your special services, select the option "Schedule only volunteers for a special service who have the service (or "[Any special service]") explicitly declared as one of their service preferences."
  4. Click OK. 
  5. In the Volunteers pane, add the appropriate service preferences to each volunteer who you'd like the auto-scheduler to consider when filling positions in a particular special service.
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