How can I create a schedule for just my special services?


Add the special services to the existing schedule that covers the dates of the special services. Within MSP there can only be one schedule for any given time period in order to keep all historical scheduling data consistent. Once you have added the services to existing schedules inside of MSP however, you can print or post a separate schedule online that just shows these special services.

To create a schedule showing only special services:

  1. Open your schedule. Click on the File menu and select either "Export Schedule..." (to make a version you can print) or "Create additional Live Schedule Post..." (to make a schedule for the Web Terminal) depending on which you would like to do.
  2. In the new window that opens, click on the Included Services pane, and select just the special services you would like to appear on the export.
  3. In the Document Settings, you will likely want to rename this schedule to reflect the holiday.
  4. Click the Save Live Schedule Post or Export Schedule button to save your schedule.

One of the great features you can utilize by creating a Live Schedule Post for just your holiday services is that a Live Schedule Post token for just the holiday services is created. This way, you can send your volunteers this token in an email or use it on the Web Terminal to point your volunteers directly to the holiday schedule that needs to be filled. Additionally, volunteers will be able to see updates to this schedule in real time. This token can be accessed from the {{Token}} menu under the Live Schedule Posts tokens.

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