How can I create a list of volunteers who can serve at a particular service time?


To create a list of volunteers who can serve at a particular service time:

In the admin view of the Web Terminal as a Web Admin

  1. Go to the Rosters pane in the admin view of the Web Terminal and click on the "+" button in the upper right to create a new roster:
  2. Give the roster a name and specify who should be able to view this roster.
  3. In the Volunteers section, select "Include only volunteers passing | this filter...":
  4. In the "Filter volunteers" pop-up, add the "Service preferences" filter from the list on the left and add the service time that you want to filter for:
  5. Click "OK" to apply this filter.
  6. Configure the rest of the settings for this roster as desired, and click the "Save" button to create this roster:
  7. The roster will now appear in the Rosters pane of the Web Terminal, and can be edited, downloaded, duplicated, or deleted:

In the MSP desktop software

  1. Go to the Rosterizer pane.
  2. On the Included Volunteers pane of the Rosterizer, select "Include only volunteers that pass | this filter...".
  3. Now add the service time to the list that says "Service times match any of the following" and click OK.
  4. In Document Settings, you can choose if you would like this to be a Word or Excel file that you can save to your computer, or you can choose web page and select the box to "Post this roster to the Web Terminal as a Live Roster Post" if you want it to appear in the Rosters tab when volunteers log in online. 

Now only volunteers that can serve at that time will be included in your roster. (If you are using the roster as a tool to help your volunteers find substitutes, then in the Included Fields pane, you will likely want to include their phone number and/or email address.)

You can also create a Roster that includes everyone's preferred service times as well as their qualified ministries next to their names by adding the "Service preferences" and "Qualified Ministries" fields to the included fields list.

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