Why are some people getting scheduled twice before others are scheduled once?


By default, MSP does not guarantee that each person gets one chance to serve before scheduling anybody for a second service. The automatic scheduler does not follow this type of fixed, repeating scheduling pattern. It is not practical to do so because there are so many different variables that need to be taken into account when determining the optimal schedule. However, you can set up particular volunteers or ministries to be on rotating schedules by using either teams or preassignments.

To set up rotating teams in a particular ministry:

1. Go to the Teams pane and create the teams in the appropriate ministry. When creating the teams, make sure to specify the appropriate service time for each of the teams in the rotation. That is, you may not leave the "For service" setting in the Edit Team dialog at its default value of "Any service time".

2. Once you have created at least two teams for a given service time, the option to preassign those teams in an N week rotation will appear next to the list of teams (where N is the duration of the cycle in weeks, and will always be exactly the number of teams you have created for that service time.)

3. Arrange the teams in the list in the order you'd like them to be scheduled by clicking on and dragging them into the correct order.

Your teams will then always be preassigned in the fixed, rotational pattern, and no one team (or person) will be scheduled twice before all the other teams are scheduled once.

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