How can I make sure my church's website always links to the most recent schedule?


You can put a link that directs volunteers to the most recent schedule directly on your church's website. This avoids having to update your church's website with a new link each time a new schedule is created. The link will automatically point to the most recent schedule posted in the Web Terminal.

To put a link to the most recent schedule directly on your church's website:

  1. Enable links to your Live Schedule post by going to the Web Terminal pane, clicking the "Web Terminal settings.." button, and checking the option under the General section that says "Allow direct links to live schedule posts (so full schedules can be viewed without logging in)."
  2. Post your schedule to the Web Terminal. For help with this, search for "Post schedule to Web Terminal."
  3. From the Web Terminal pane inside MSP, click on the Full Schedules tab. Select your most recent live schedule post from the Live Schedule Posts box and click the "View" button to the right of this section.
  4. In the dialog that appears, click the "Link to last" button.
  5. Open an email to your webmaster and choose Paste, and ask your webmaster to place this link on your church's website.

Note: MSP recognizes the "most recent schedule" to be the last schedule post listed in the "Live Schedule Posts" box in the Full Schedule tab.

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