How can I request a sub on behalf of one of my volunteers?


There are two ways you as an administrator can request a sub on behalf of a volunteer:

1) This option is best when there are multiple volunteers you would like to request a sub for:

- Go to the Schedules pane in MSP and open the live schedule

- Click on the date the volunteer is scheduled on, then right-click on the volunteer's name and choose "Flag as swap requested."

- The program will then ask if you wish to send emails, and you will want to choose the option to send emails.

2) This option is best when you would like to include a comment when requesting the sub for the volunteer:

- Go to the Web Terminal pane in MSP and use the "Login As..." button at the bottom of the screen and login as the volunteer.

- Click on the MY Schedule tab, and request a sub as if you were the volunteer.


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