Why do I need to pay a monthly maintenance fee for MSP?


The required monthly maintenance fee for MSP simplifies administration from both our perspective and the MSP user's perspective. Having the required fee enables us to provide a far superior service at an incredibly low cost. The maintenance fee goes towards supporting the following services:

  1. Unlimited technical support and professional scheduling consultation and instruction. Our support staff is highly trained. Whenever you have a question or a problem, you may email or call us and we'll walk you through it.
  2. The use of the internet-dependent features in MSP, such as the Web Terminal feature (that allows volunteers to view and update their preferences and availability over the internet, view schedules, and request subs), the Announcements pane, and hosting your shared data so that multiple computers can access your files. These features require us to maintain powerful internet servers, and part of the maintenance fee goes towards supporting them.
  3. Access to all program upgrades, updates, and enhancements. We are constantly developing MSP to improve the program for you and your church. Part of your maintenance fee goes towards development of new features.

You may renew your maintenance fee by logging into your subscription's profile at: http://www.rotundasoftware.com/ministryschedulerpro/license-login.php

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