How does MSP synch with Access ACS?


Ministry Scheduler Pro synchronizes volunteer info from Access ACS.  The synchronization means that MSP will import volunteers and their personal contact information from Access ACS into MSP, helping make data entry that much easier!  The synch is one-way, meaning data only enters MSP, and no data is sent back to Access ACS.  You choose which ministries you want to synch with MSP.  The first time a volunteer is pulled into MSP from Access ACS, they will be placed into their qualified ministries inside MSP.  All subsequent times volunteer data is synched, only personal contact information is updated.

MSP can synch with two of the types of Groups offered in Access ACS: Activities and Small Groups.

Access ACS Activities

When synchronizing, MSP is able to pull over categories of Activities only.  That is, you may have a master group in Activities called "Ministries" and then various categories within this group, such as Usher and Greeter.  When synchronizing, MSP will read all categories, so it will read the Usher and Greeter level - MSP will not recognize master groups.  It is also important to understand that while elements may be created for categories of Activities, these elements cannot be synchronized with MSP.

If you are using Activities or plan to use Activities with Access ACS, it is recommended you separate or break out the various ministry roles as categories of a master group.  At this level of organization, MSP will have no trouble pulling over groups of volunteers that are tied to a ministry category in Activities.

Small Groups

Within Small Groups, MSP will pull over volunteers associated with a small group, as defined within a master group of the Small Groups section.  For example, if you have a master group within Small Groups called "Ministries," then in that master group, you have many Small Groups that represent one ministry each: Greeter, Usher, etc.  MSP will synch up all information as it relates to a Small Group.  As Small Groups are a bit more simple, there is no other special considerations in using these levels of organization.

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