What programs does MSP synchronize with?


Synchronization is a one-way process, meaning data from your management system is added into MSP, but there is no lasting connection and records are not updated again unless a sync is performed. The exception to this is Servant Keeper, which does maintain a constant two-way sync with MSP -- changes made in MSP are pushed to Servant Keeper in real time, and vice-versa.

2-way sync:

  • Servant Keeper 6 and 7 (desktop versions) 
  • Servant Keeper 8 (desktop and cloud)

1-way sync into MSP:

  • Access ACS
  • ACS People
  • Parish Data Systems (PDS)
  • ParishSOFT
  • Logos
  • PowerChurch
  • LabOra
  • Church Management Solutions (CMS)
  • Schedule Maker 6.x
  • LTP Schedule Maker 7.x
  • Harmony Media Schedule Maker
  • ZLC Ministry Schedule

Note: with the exception of Access ACS and Servant Keeper 8, we are unable to sync with versions of databases that are maintained remotely/cloud-based by the management software provider.

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