Why is the screen where I am asked to select ministries empty?


Once you have selected the church management program database to sync with, the next screen should list the ministries from that management database for you to choose from.  If you are not seeing any ministries (or the ministries you are looking for do not appear) this could be due to several reasons:

  1. The database you selected was not the correct database.  Hit the “Go Back” button to look for a different database file.
  2. Your computer or user account does not have the necessary privileges to access the database.
  3. The church management program is currently in use by someone else at the church.  If multiple computers have access to your church management program, it is important they all close the program so that MSP may use the database to sync.
  4. Ministries are not set up in your church management software.  If you are tracking ministries in your management database, contact our support team and we can help identify if these ministries are being tracked in the location where MSP will be looking for them.
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