How do I transfer my data from The Minister Program (now PDS Ministry Scheduler)?


(Note: The Minister Program by Tom Hayes is an old ministry scheduler. It was sold to Parish Data Systems(tm) in 2006 and renamed PDS Ministry Scheduler. If you are running PDS Management Software on your computer, you can import your minister data using MSP's one click synchronization with PDS Management Software. Otherwise, read on to find out how to export your data from The Minister Program / PDS Ministry Scheduler and then import it to MSP.)

  1. Open up The Minister Program and choose "Custom" from the "Reports" menu.
  2. Move the following columns into the "Fields to Print" list: Name Address City State Zip E-mail Phone #1 Phone #2
  3. Choose "As text file" from the "Print" menu at the top of the Custom Report window. Remember where you save the file, as you'll need to locate it in MSP in the coming steps.
  4. Close out of The Minister Program and open up MSP.
  5. Choose "Import volunteers" from the File menu at the top of MSP's main screen.
  6. Click the "Show all options" button below the "Available fields" list and then add the following fields to the "Fields to import" list. Full Name Address (Street only) Address (City only) Adrdess (State only) Address (Zip only) Email Phone Cell
  7. Click the Import Button and locate the text file you saved from The Minister Program in step 3.
  8. You will be prompted to group volunteers sharing the same last name together in families. Group your families together appropriate, and you will then see all your information appear inside MSP.

Note you will need to go through your volunteer list to specify which ministries each volunteer belongs and their service preferences. You can add a ministry to multiple volunteers at one time by clicking on a volunteer in the Minister list, holding down the control key, and then clicking on another volunteer. Then click the Edit Volunteer button to make changes both volunteers at one time.

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