Error message: "Empty response from server"


This message indicates MSP is unable to establish a connection to the internet. First, check to make sure the internet is working properly by opening a web site in your web browser.

If your internet is working properly, then a firewall is preventing MSP from accessing the internet. Firewalls can be setup on your local computer as well as on a network level. If you are using Norton Internet Security or other security or anti-virus software, try disabling this software and then restarting. If you stop receiving this error, then you know the issue was being caused by the software you disabled. In any case, you will want to reconfigure your firewall settings to allow MSP to access the internet. 


MSP communicates with this domain: over HTTPS (port 443)


If you are unsure how to create an exception, contact your network administrator. (We can not provide support in configuring firewalls, because each firewall is configured differently.)

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