How can I create sign-in sheets for my schedule?


MSP allows you to print sign-in sheets which is a great way to track attendance and ensure accountability.

To create sign in sheets:

  1. Open the schedule within MSP (.msch format). Make sure the open schedule covers the time period for which you want to create sign-in sheets.
  2. Go to the File menu from the scheduling window and select "Export Schedule."
  3. In the Layout Options pane of the export dialog, open the drop-down menu and select "Sign in sheets with one page for each service." Note: By adjusting the settings in the Included Ministries and Included Services panes, you can specify to only export sign-in sheets for specific dates or ministries.

If you want to have volunteers sign in electronically, the Plus Edition includes the MSP Sign-In Kiosk. Using the kiosk, volunteers can sign in when they show up to serve with just a few clicks. Leaders can see exactly who has checked in, both at the service and after the fact, for simple reporting and follow up.

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