What is the difference between an Admin to MSP, and a Ministry Leader?


When working with MSP, there are three distinct levels of involvement with the program:

1) Volunteers  
2) Ministry Leaders*
3) Admins 

The first is for the volunteers or ministers who are being scheduled by the software, and the next two levels are for administrators or leaders who will be working to manage the volunteers. Being an admin requires having a downloaded copy of MSP licensed to their machine, counting as one of your installations to the license, while a Ministry Leader is essentially a volunteer with elevated, web-based access to the schedules - a Ministry Leader does not count against your allowed number of installations for the license.

Below are the key differences between an Admin and a Ministry Leader, to help you decide which level of access you need to give someone:

  Admin Ministry Leader
  • Installed copy of software, counts as installation for the license.
  • Web-based access through Web Terminal. Can be accessed via any web device such as a tablet or smartphone.
  • Add, modify, and delete volunteers from the database.
  • Can modify volunteer profiles online, but cannot add or delete volunteers
  • Create schedules, add or delete services, run the auto-scheduler, make schedules live, post schedules to the Web Terminal, and export to Word, Excel, etc.
  • Modify schedules online (only for those ministries and/or services the leader is in charge of)
    • add positions
    • remove positions
    • swap/change scheduled volunteers
    • fill empty positions
    • request substitutes on behalf of volunteers
  • Create/generate rosters for the Web Terminal, export rosters to Word, Excel, etc.
  • View rosters online
Web Terminal
  • Manage text/content on the Web Terminal
  • View text/content on the Web Terminal

Worship and Liturgy planning

  • Edit worship plans
    • upload resources
    • post notes
  • Edit worship plans
    • upload resources
    • post notes
Mobile App 
  • Create volunteer profile for themselves and log in as a volunteer. No admin privileges.
  • The Admin tab is not accessible via the mobile app
  • Send emails and texts to volunteers (anyone in the database)
  • Send emails and texts to volunteers (only those in the ministries and/or at the services the leader is in charge of)

* For help setting up a Ministry Leader, see the knowledge base article here. For licenses purchased after December 2015, Ministry Leaders are only available in the Plus Edition of MSP.

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