How do I assign a Ministry Leader?


To assign a Ministry Leader* in MSP and allow them to edit service plans online, email volunteers, and/or edit assignments, first make sure this person is listed in MSP as a volunteer, then:

1) Start in the Web Terminal pane inside of MSP and click the “Web Terminal Settings…” button. 

2) In this dialog, click on the Ministry Leaders heading on the left. 

3) Click the "Declare" button and choose a volunteer you wish to declare as a leader.  You can then click on the lines for Ministry, Service Times, and Privileges to manage the access each leader has. 


Ministry Leaders all have the ability to see Full Schedules on the MSP app, and to see schedules for their service times (including those that are not yet live) in the Admin tab of the Web Terminal. Additional privileges that are assigned but can be removed when declaring the Ministry Leader include emailing volunteers in their declared ministry, adding and removing volunteers and positions from their declared ministries/service times, and editing service plans. 

*For licenses purchased after December 2015, Ministry Leaders are only available in the Plus Edition of MSP.

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