How can I create a custom token?


Custom tokens allow you to set special text that can be displayed automatically by inserting the corresponding tokens. For example, you can create a signature token so that rather than type your email signature each time an email is sent, you can instead insert your signature token. Optionally, you can set custom tokens up to only be visible to certain volunteers.

To create a custom token:

1) Go to the Web Terminal pane (once a custom token is made it can be used anywhere that tokens can be inserted). 

2) Click on the Token menu, and choose "Token options..." 


3) In the new dialog that opens, click on the "Custom Tokens" heading in bold on the left.


4) Click the "New..." button to create a new token - give the token a name with no spaces, similar to other tokens in the program.  For example, Email_Sig.


5) In the text box, enter the text you wish the token to display. In this example, it would be your email sign-off/signature.  You can also embed other tokens into a custom token.


Note: you can optionally check the "Only show this token to volunteers passing this filter" to set up rules for who can see the text the token displays.


Once a custom token is created, from the Announcements pane or Web Terminal pane, when you click on the Token menu navigate to the "Custom Tokens" section and insert the desired custom token.


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