I downloaded Ministry Scheduler Pro but can't find it on my computer! Where is it?


If you downloaded and installed MSP, you will probably have a new MSP icon on your desktop. If you can't find the MSP icon on your desktop, you can look for the program by going to the Start Menu. Look in the "All Programs" folder for the "Ministry Scheduler Pro" folder. If you find that folder, select "Ministry Scheduler Pro" inside the folder to launch the program.

If Ministry Scheduler Pro s not in the list of All Programs, the program was not installed onto your computer. You should then re-download MSP by following this link.  Make sure to Run the Installer once MSP is done downloading. If you are asked to Save or Run the installer when downloading, choose Run. Otherwise, save the installer to a location you'll remember. Once the program has downloaded, go to that location and double click on the Installer to run MSP.

If you continue to have problems, contact our technical support staff at (888) 622-0949 and we can help walk you through the process.

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