How can I split a subdivision and establish it as its own ministry?

  1. From the Ministries pane inside of the MSP desktop software, click on the ministry which contains the subdivision you would like to make its own ministry.
  2. Click the "Breakup into separate ministries..." button on the right side of the screen. This will break each subdivision into its own ministry. (Note: this cannot be done from the Admin view of the Web Terminal; it can only be done in the desktop software.)


Note: If there were multiple subdivisions, and you want the other subdivisions to still be grouped together, it's easy to group them together again. Each former subdivision will now be a ministry.

  1. Click on the ministry which should be grouped with another.
  2. Click the "Combine..." button on the right side
  3. Click on the other ministry (which was formerly a subdivision) that should be grouped with the first selected ministry.

This will then create a ministry with subdivisions again.


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