How can I set up MSP so volunteers are more fairly distributed across service times?


MSP naturally rotates fairly through all ministries or subdivisions a volunteer is qualified for. MSP does not rotate through service preferences. You can get around this by setting up subdivisions to represent service times. This will ensure volunteers get scheduled evenly at different service times.

1. First, create subdivisions for the ministries that relate to the service time. For example: Altar Server-Sat. 5, Altar Server- Sat. 6:30, Altar Server-Sun. 8:30, etc.

2. It is recommended you check the "Bind together all subdivision qualifications" box in the lower right side of the Edit Ministry window so everyone will be included in all subdivisions.

3. Once you have created those subdivisions, go to the Service Times pane. Edit your service times so that at the Saturday 5:00 service, specify you need 3 Altar Server-Sat. 5 volunteers, and at 6:30 you need 3 volunteers from the Altar Server- Sat. 6:30 subdivision, etc.

Now when you create a new schedule, volunteers will be more evenly rotated through service times. 

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