Can MSP schedule services in other languages (Spanish, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Latin)?


MSP can be used to generate schedules for services that are in different languages. There are several areas of the program that can be updated to accommodate for the other language. Below is an outline along with an example for Spanish. One thing to keep in mind is we will want to generate a schedule for all services -- regardless of language -- at the same time. 


One way to make this easy is to create separate ministries for other languages using the correct words in that language. For example, we could have an "Altar Server" ministry for the English services and a "Monaguillo" ministry for Spanish services. Then we can schedule the Spanish-language ministries at the Spanish services, and the English-language ministries at the English services. (Volunteers can be qualified in multiple ministries, so if a person wants to serve in English and Spanish services, we would simply need to qualify them in the English ministries they want as well as the corresponding Spanish ministries.)

Service Times

Another little way we can make schedules more Spanish-friendly is to add Spanish text to the Description field when creating or editing a service in the Service Times pane. For example, if we add the description "Domingo, 10:00 AM" to the Sunday 10:00 AM service, the service will be listed as "Sunday10:00 AM (Domingo, 10:00 AM)", effectively displaying the name of the service in both languages.

Printing and Posting Schedules

Using the controls in the Export Schedule dialog box you can export strictly English-speaking or Spanish-speaking schedules. In the Included Services Pane of the Export Schedule dialog box, select only the service times that correspond to the particular language you would like to export. For example, if the English-speaking service times are:

Saturday 5:00 pm

Sunday 10:00 am

Sunday 3:00 pm

You will want to include only the Saturday 5:00 pm, Sunday 10:00 am and Sunday 3:00 pm in the exported schedule. This will generate a schedule that only has one language in it.

You can repeat the same process with different service times to export a schedule for Spanish services or services in any other language.

Communication (Emailer, Web Terminal)

We can also edit the text in the Emailer and the Web Terminal panes to say whatever we want, in English or in Spanish. This means that if we wanted to, we could set up the Web Terminal so that every page displays the text in English and Spanish - we just need to manually type that text up ourselves. With the Emailer, we could write up an email in English, send it out to the applicable English ministries, then translate that email into Spanish and send it out to the corresponding Spanish ministries.

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