Can MSP schedule Masses in other languages (Spanish, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Latin)?


MSP can be used to generate schedules for Masses that are in different languages. You generate a schedule for all Masses -- regardless of language -- at the same time. After generating the schedule, export the Mass times that pertain to a particular language separately.

You can label each Mass according to the language that will be used by filling out the Description/Location field. This field is located under the Service Times Pane. You can access it by highlighting the service and clicking on the Edit Service button. You can edit the description of the service times to read "English Mass" or "Spanish Mass."

Using the controls in the Export Schedule dialog box you can export strictly English-speaking or Spanish-speaking schedules. In the Included Services Pane of the Export Schedule dialog box, select only the Mass times that correspond to the particular language you would like to export. For example, if the English-speaking Mass times are:

Saturday 5:00 pm

Sunday 10:00 am

Sunday 3:00 pm

You will want to include only the Saturday 5:00 pm, Sunday 10:00 am and Sunday 3:00 pm in the exported schedule. This will generate a schedule that only has one language in it.

You can repeat the same process with different Mass times to export a schedule for Spanish Masses or Masses in any other language.

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