Choosing who shows up in the list of volunteers to the right of a schedule


Do you ever wonder why not all of the volunteers in a ministry show in the list of available volunteers to the right of the schedule? MSP uses filters to determine who should show in the list on the right to help you better choose the right person for the job. But if you are looking for a person who isn't showing up in that list, you can adjust those filters! 

In the open schedule when set to the "Fill positions" mode, you will see a checkbox that says "Show only volunteers who...". When checked, only those volunteers that MSP considers "available" to fill the positions will appear. To show ALL MSP volunteers, simply uncheck that box. 

However, if you want to still filter for volunteers who meet certain filters, but not all (such as all volunteers in the ministry, whether or not they are available at the selected time), you can click on the words "Show only volunteers who..." to reveal a pop up list of all of the filters being used. Click on a filter to select/deselect it from being applied, or click "Other filter..." to apply your own custom filter! 


Volunteers will then be listed and follow the MSP color coding to help you to see if they are available or have any conflicts. 

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