Using Spanish-Language Preconfigured Templates


MSP includes built-in, preconfigured templates in both English and Spanish for emails schedulers often need throughout the scheduling cycle.

  1. Go to the Announcements pane

  2. Click on "Use Template"

  3. Choose "Preconfigured"

  4. Click on the "down" arrow next to the template name, then select "Spanish" to load the Spanish template for any of the available emails: 

    • Intro Email: Update Request

    • Intro Email: First Schedule

    • Intro Email: Leaders

    • Availability Update Request

    • Availability Update Reminder

    • Schedule Finalized

    • No-Show Follow Up

    • Send User Login

    • Reset User Password

    • Mobile App

  5. In the "To" field, select your Spanish-speaking ministries or volunteers

  6. When using a template, you can add or change the text as needed by simply selecting the desired email and making the desired changes

  7. Preview your email

  8. Click "Send"



Please note: The tokens used in these templates still display in English. We recommend naming your ministries and services in Spanish to give the most information to volunteers. 

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