COVID resources


Are you transitioning back to more active ministry participation? Check out these resources:

COVID Scheduling Checklist

A guide to transitioning back to more active ministry scheduling with MSP.

Adapting to COVID Changes

Tips for navigating ministry changes in leadership, protocol, and scheduling brought on by Covid-19.
Webinar: Keep Up With COVID Changes
Whether it’s been a while since you’ve created a schedule, or you’re adapting to the latest scheduling changes, this webinar will walk you through how to refresh your database and prepare for summer scheduling!
Blog: Volunteer Recruitment and COVID
The key to keeping any ministry volunteer program thriving is a steady group of volunteers. But chances are COVID, and the inevitable year-over-year turnover have put a dent in your volunteer roster. So how can you secure your existing volunteers and recruit new volunteers? In this article, we’ll cover ideas on re-engaging your volunteers and recruiting new ones to strengthen and build your ministries.
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